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Flight Packs:

On-board Glow Driver: 4.8 vdc Pulsed digital Ignition System.

Made especially for radial engines by Sonic-Tronics, Inc.

Flite Packs include electronics, harness, cabling and connectors ONLY.

Weight approx. 8 oz.

On-board battery pack NOT included!
[Recommend 4 ea. 3 - 3.3 amp-hr NiMH sub-C cells, to be provided by end user.

Approx. weight: 10 oz.]
For use with NiCad/NiMH batteries ONLY!

PN 475 (for 5 Cyl. engines):


PN 477 (for 7 Cyl. engines):


PN 479 (for 9 Cyl. engines):


On-Off Switch: allows on-off control via connection to the Throttle channel in the RC reciever.
Includes switch, wires and connectors.

PN 4739


"Y" Connect Cord: allows on-off control be connection to the Throttle channel in the R/C receiver.

PN 4720


Ground Power Unit:

Rechargeable NiCad Battery Pack: provides heat to glow plugs for starting; disconnected for flight.
Includes boxed NiCad cells, charger, heavy duty cable and connectors.

PN 4400


Engine Mounts:

Billet Aluminum “Top Hat” style Engine Mount: Pre-drilled on inner flange for engine, four holes drilled on outer flange for fire-wall mounting.
Two lengths: short and long, as listed.

9 “C” engine: Short (1.5”)



Long (2.5”)



Exhaust Collectors

“Wishbone” style (not full ring!)
Coming SOON!

estimated price


All prices plus postage.
California residents add applicable sales tax.
Credit card orders preferred.

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